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Shower thoughts Queen of Hell, Vydija
Your soul is mine!
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Your soul is mine! Queen of Hell, Vydija
Ballet of Death!

Posted on: 3.09.2020


Do you know this feeling when you sneak into a dark and humid cave, covered in total darkness and suddenly your hooves stand on lego blocks? Yes, it drives me crazy too!
My people in Madmind, inspired by the sea of corpses I leave behind in a rage attack, have created Fury mode in the Succubus. See what an angry demon looks like!

Live Stream!

Once again, my followers decided to share with you new fragments of the game with Succubus, and by the way they answered some of your questions. It's just a pity that they didn't show you my bloody skirmish with the boss - and you know me - there's plenty to look at!


It is said on Earth that sharp, metal music is the best match for the bloody slaughterhouse on the screen.

Personally, I prefer a little bit different kind of music, but if you like fighting by cutting demons with heavy sound in the background, I'll be happy to help you there...
This is why I asked my slaves from Madmind to experiment with a new kind of sountrack. Let me know what you think of this crazy idea! If you like it, maybe I can get them to prepare the whole sountracks for the Succubus in this style!

I'll take you to my current home, where we'll choose properly tight clothes and weapons for me.


I am very proud of myself this month! Thanks to the constant abuse of my slaves from madmind, I managed to force them to release a demo of my game, Succubus Prologue.

More than 160,000 innocent souls have already played! Can you imagine that? Games are the perfect tool for acquiring new victims. Luckily, hell is so big that there's plenty of room for no one. I want more! MORE!


See you in hell!


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