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Shower thoughts Queen of Hell, Vydija
Your soul is mine!
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Your soul is mine! Queen of Hell, Vydija
Stay Home and relax!

Posted on: 02.04.2020

My sweet nest!

   Have you seen my cosy nest lately? It's great to have safe place to relax after a hard day at work and ripping out fleshy hearts. Nonethles it may become boring to do the same stuff all day long, every day. So to make my place more attractive Madmind Studio team will add some activities. You will get an opportunity to come along and become my companion in daily activities. Be sure that it's helping to relax after the arena's slaugter.

Im on the TV!!!

   Oh, and I need to tell you! I am so f*** excited! I've been on TV lately. I could never imagine that my body looks so sttractive on such a small screen... What else is necessary to say: Stay at home, unlock all achievements in Agony Unrated!

  What I found out my dear souls? That we're going to see new, strong material from this game later this year. Although Patrick is not a Doomguy, but his madness has its charm too! Isnt' it true that girls are crazy about bad guys? 

A sticky comic book with Me?

All concept arts with my body painting I've seen are so hot and they are reflecting so may stories of my life... Being a queen, being a warrior. It is not so easy to be here in hell, but never boring, until you all are going with me. I would love to be a heroine of some comic book. Probably it could happen some day.


Your Vydija!

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