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Shower thoughts Queen of Hell, Vydija
Your soul is mine!
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Your soul is mine! Queen of Hell, Vydija
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Posted on: 21.01.2021

An important milestone

My last blog post appeared quite a while ago. I really wanted to share with you my latest shooting and highlights from Madmind Studio.

However, I decided to hold off a bit to pull out more information about Succubus just for you.

The other thing is, well - I like to keep you guys in the dark...

Succubus Beta!

My slaves at Madmind have managed to finish their work on the beta version of the game - so Succubus is now a playable game from soup to nuts.

At the moment the whole team stays focused on planning the final stage of the project. Apparently they are very concerned about polishing the game and releasing it without bugs, too dark places, poor voice acting and incomprehensible storyline.

I don't know much about computers, but I know when someone is happy with themselves. I'll make sure the developers feel that way when giving you the game's release date.


Do you still remember "The Agony Box" contest?  Well, I managed to persuade the devs to prepare something special for you with me, especially for the upcoming release of Succubus.

So you can expect two contests with very nice awards.


A comic book about me!

Some time ago I mentioned that I would love to be a comic book heroine... Imagine all my joy, when I saw a comic book full of nudity and blood depicting a story from my past! Actually, it was only because of the events described therein that legends began to revolve around my name.What's more, my old friend Kethar is also there, and I have plans to visit him soon!

All hands on me!

I'm probably not the only one who wondered, how is it possible that such a small team like Madmind creates three games at the same time? I decided to change it. Fortunately I didn't have to use violence, because when they saw me they all agreed that all their attention will be on me.

So I'm sorry but you won't be hearing much about Paranoid or Tormentor until the release of Succubus.

Right now the entire team is working exclusively on Succubus, and I'll make sure it remains that way until the premiere.
See you in hell!

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