About us

Madmind Studio was established in 2016 by veterans of the video game industry who had worked on titles such as "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," "Divinity: Original Sin," and "Enemy Front." The studio quickly gained notoriety with its first game, "Agony," a controversial survival horror set in a hellish world.

The initial challenges related to the censorship and reception of "Agony" did not deter Madmind from innovating and experimenting with new ideas. Over the next few years, the studio continued to expand its portfolio, releasing games like "Agony UNRATED," "Succubus," and "Paranoid."

Madmind Studio earned a reputation for creating ambitious, graphically impressive games with strong, often controversial themes. The studio consistently developed its skills in creating unique worlds and stories that engage players.

In 2023, Madmind Studio celebrated its 7th anniversary, continuing to work on new projects and strengthening its position in the indie game market. The studio is known for its close contact with the gaming community and openness to their feedback, contributing to the continuous development and improvement of its games.

Based in Poland, Madmind Studio remains one of the most recognizable and respected studios in the indie game industry, continuing its mission to create unique and memorable gaming experiences.