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About Us

Founded in 2016, Madmind Studio is a Polish game development studio known for creating intense and provocative horror video games. The studio initially gained recognition with its debut title "Agony" and continued its success with "Succubus". Currently, Madmind is working on two highly anticipated titles - "Paranoid" and "Tormentor", aiming to further push the boundaries in horror game narration and design.


News Feed

27 December 2023

Madmind's Madnight 2024: A Phenomenal Showcase

We at Madmind Studio are ecstatic to reflect on the phenomenal success of Madnight 2024. This event has not only drawn a massive audience but…


Craft Nightmares with Us!

Start your journey at Madmind Studio and be part of creating unforgettable games. Check out our current job openings in the Careers section and take the first step towards creating something extraordinary!

Investor relations

We invite our shareholders, investors, and those interested to visit the Investor Relations section on our website. Here, you will find the latest information, reports, and news about Madmind Studio. Note that as Madmind Studio SA is listed on the Polish Stock Exchange, the content in this section is available only in Polish.



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