Madmind's Madnight 2024: A Phenomenal Showcase

Madmind's Madnight 2024: A Phenomenal Showcase

We at Madmind Studio are ecstatic to reflect on the phenomenal success of Madnight 2024. This event has not only drawn a massive audience but also set new standards with our pioneering pseudo-documentary format.

A particular highlight of the event has been the "Lust" trailer, which has already captivated over 30,000 viewers, proving to be the most popular showcase of the night. The trailers for "Sanctus," "Tormentor," "Sirens," and "Jinn" also received significant attention, adding to the event's overall success.

Madnight 2024's live stream has attracted over 5,500 viewers, while the individual trailers featured have seen an impressive number of views on YouTube, amplifying our global impact.

We are incredibly grateful for the enthusiastic response from our community and beyond. Your support inspires us to continue innovating and creating captivating gaming experiences.

Madnight 2024 horror showcase backstage

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this landmark event. Your enthusiasm fuels our passion. Stay tuned to Madmind Studio for more thrilling developments and releases!